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Welcome to Multilateral Solutions

Multilateral Solutions are an independent services and solutions provider.

The company was formed in 1998 and since then we have supported, advised and trained various Oil and Gas companies in all aspects of multilateral well design.

Our aim is to:



Provide unbiased technical experience and knowledge.

Educate and assist teams to take advantage of multilateral technology.


Reduce the learning curve for teams by bringing over a decade of experience and knowledge to the table.

Principle Contact

Ken Horne

+44 7759 248 721


BP World wide

We have been contracted to BP since 2001. During the years we have advised, supported, planned and constructed many multilateral wells of various TAML levels and completion complexity. These have included projects not only in the UK sector but also Holland, Norway, Algeria, Colorado and Baku.

RWE Germany

We have been contracted to RWE in Hamburg since 2007 and we are currently supporting the TAML L-5 multilateral wells being drilled from Mittelplate Island.

Xcite Energy

Currently contracted to Xcite Energy assisting with reviewing possible multilateral well designs and completion interfaces for the Bentley field.

Maurel & Prom

January - September 2014 Assisting the drilling, completions and subsurface teams in Aberdeen, Paris and Gabon to review the possibly application of both USR (Ultra Short Radius) drilling and Multilateral technologies within the Onal field Gabon.


We have assisted CNR UK Since 2008 on an ad hock basis to review multilateral options for various wells in their North Sea portfolio. We have also participated in an in depth review of multilateral technologies for their Gabon operation for possible future use.

BG Tunis

In 2007 we supported and advised BG Tunisia on multilateral options for their Hasdrubal project which was to include intelligent completion systems.


Chevron UK

During 2003 we were contracted to ChevronTexaco. We supported and advised them on multilateral system options and engineered a TAML L-4 junction for their Strathspey well in the North Sea. This was Chevron Texaco’s first multilateral in Europe.  More recently in 2011 we supported Chevron to review multilateral options for the Alba field.

Total UK

We were instrumental in planning, designing and installing several multilateral wells on the North Sea Dunbar platform between 1988 and 2001 and again in 2007.


Petro SA

In 2010 we assisted Petro SA investigate concepts for the development of a tight gas field, offshore South Africa.


Husky Energy

2011/2012 supporting and assisting Husky Energy in St John’s Newfoundland prepare for a multilateral well within the White Rose project.

Multilateral Solutions


Are Multilaterals a new idea?

No, not at all